During the company’s early years, it was a vision set forth by the group to provide for demographic of people in Singapore that is often overlooked; workers in dormitories. These workers work hard to shape the Singapore physical infrastructure to the metropolis that it is today. It is through providing access of such services to these workers, that the company carved out a niche for itself. Today, various companies under Ajmal Group dominate almost every region of Singapore’s dormitories.

Import And Export

Ajmal Impex Pte Ltd focuses on the import and export of dry goods and vegetables within Southeast Asia. Freshly harvested in India, the company’s strong connections overseas have led to more attractive prices than its competitors while still maintaining the highest quality standards in the region.


Ajmal Fusion Food provides a variety of catering services for the workers in dormitories. With fully fledged kitchens to prepare a wide variety of food, the company has branched out to providing individual orders to house parties, gatherings, celebration events and more.

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Ajmal Group of Companies has worn numerous awards throughout the years. Some of our awards include:

– Top 100 SME
– SME of the Year
– Singapore Successful Brand

Founded in 2000 by Mr Salaudeen, the Ajmal Group of Companies that initially started as a minimart has expanded vastly into various facets of the F&B industry in Singapore. Identifying a niche in providing for workers in dormitories, the group provides services that range from supermarkets, canteens, catering services and more. The companies listed under the group are:

Ajmal Trading Group
Ajmal Trade Mart
Ajmal Impex Pte Ltd
Nawas Global
Ajmal Mini Mart
Ajmal Fusion Food
Al Hazima Restaurant Pte Ltd

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